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Animal Control

Our City Staff provides animal control within Bunker Hill Village. Our employees are trained and licensed to provide this service.

Annual Animal registration is no longer necessary in the City; however, residents should know the City Ordinances regarding number of animals allowed and other requirements.

A City Ordinance recently adopted states that it shall be unlawful for a person to possess or keep at any one location, including in any one building, residential dwelling, or on any one lot, more than:

  • Four dogs over four months of age;
  • Four cats over four months of age;
  • A combination of four dogs and cats over four months of age;
  • One litter not over four months of age from any dog, cat, or other household pet.

In addition, Bunker Hill does not allow animals to run "at large" unless controlled by a leash,
cord or chain.

Animals are also listed under the City's Public Nuisance Ordinance with respect to activities of animals: Destruction of property, creating or causing loud noises, overturning trash containers or spreading trash or like items, or engaging in or entering into any activity which may reasonably be considered to be a nuisance to persons, or property of others. No owner, keeper or person responsible for the supervision of any animal shall permit such animal to, or fail to prevent such animal from, creating a nuisance to persons, property or other animals within the city.

See the City's Code of Ordinances and search "animals" for all information on animals in the City.

The Muni Code may not yet contain the latest update on the number of animals.

A Leash:

It's a great safety device -- protects your pet from traffic and unrestrained animals.

It's a great "good neighbor" policy -- prevents your dog from trespassing on neighbor's property during your walk. It also keeps your dog from jumping up on children or adults you encounter, ensuring that your dog has the chance to be properly introduced.

It's a great identification tool -- symbolizes that the dog has an owner, and enables someone who sees the leash and identification tag attached to the dog's collar to locate you in the event you and your pet become separated.

It's a great relief to wildlife -- keeps your dog from harassing squirrels, possums, and other wildlife.

It's a great way to be your dog's best friend -- rewards your dog and you with fresh air, exercise, and companionship.

A leash -- use it -- be a good neighbor -- be a good friend -- keep your dog under control.

* * * * *


It shall be unlawful for the owner to permit any dog or cat to be at large upon the streets, alleys, and public grounds of the city, or upon the premises of any person not the owner or keeper of such dog or cat. any dog or cat on the streets, alleys, or public grounds of the city on the premises of any person not the owner or keeper thereof, shall be at large, in violation of this section, unless such dog or cat is under the control of the owner or keeper, or his agent, by means of a leash, chain, rope or cord not more than fifteen (15) feet in length and of sufficient strength to control the conduct of the dog or cat. (ord. no. 169, section 8, 12-3-73)


Animal Impound Fee Schedule

The City of Bunker Hill Village has established the following fee schedule for redemption of impounded animals.

Impound Fee (per animal)


Boarding fee

$5/per day

All Medical Treatment Costs
(if animal is sick or injured and treatment is deemed necessary)