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The City has awarded a contract to T-Con Construction to perform our second Waste Water (Sanitary Sewer) rehabilitation project.

Click Here to see the construction plans.

The contractor will be using an interesting method of replacing the pipes called "burst and pull".  This method uses a radial jack hammer inside the old concrete pipe to burst the pipe and push it into the surrounding soil while at the same time pulling a new plastic pipe into the newly created space.  There is an interesting  video which shows the general technique on youtube.  Click HERE to see the youtube video.  The general area of the work is along Strey Lane, Knipp Road and all of the side streets on these streets. 

Prior to the actual pipe replacement, the contractor will be sending a television camera through the pipes to document the location of each sanitary sewer house connection so that we can connect each house to the new sewer main.  We are also requiring the contractor to install new "clean outs" at the new connection point to allow a maintenance point for your sewer line.  Any disturbed grass will be replaced.  If you have landscaping on the City's easement, the contractor will make an attempt to remove any plants and replant them but will not replace them if they do not survive.  Excavation should only be required in the areas immediately above each house sanitary service connection and NOT the entire width of the lot.  As with any construction project, there may be exceptions to this plan.

All personnel involved in this project will have identification as an employee of the contractor or the City's inspection company.  The contractor will notify you by door hanger prior to performing work in your back yard.  On the day of the planned work, please make sure that all pets are secured.  NO ONE WHO IS PART OF THIS PROJECT WILL ASK TO GO INTO YOUR HOME.  SHOULD ANY ASK, CONTACT THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY.