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Save the date -- December 14th starting at 6:00 pm

Bunker Hill's  First Annual Twinkle Light Parade.

More info to come as the event nears!!

Dear Residents,

Please click on the link below and read the October Newsletter from the Village Fire Chief, David Foster.  Chief Foster mentions the need for a renovation to the existing fire station.

The Bunker Hill City Council agrees and fully supports the need to renovate the Fire Department’s existing facilities, This would include immediately replacing the roof and the air conditioning system. We also agree that the current living quarters, kitchen and administrative offices need to be re-configured and brought up to date.

We do not agree with expanding the station at the current location. We think those expansion dollars would be better spent on satellite service locations on the west side of the villages and eventually on the north side of the VFD service area.

Bunker Hill Village has the longest response times within the six Memorial Villages as a result of the geographic location of the station in relation to our village. Response time (from 911 call to location) to our furthest homes is 11 to 12 minutes during normal traffic hours and can be much longer during heavy traffic periods. You can use your navigation system to estimate the drive time from the station to your house at any given time. A satellite service facility located closer to the west or south side of the VFD service area could cut these response times in half if not more.

The City Council has asked the Fire Chief and the Fire Commission to study the entire service area to see how the response times could be improved before significant capital expenditures are committed to expand the present facility. We are awaiting the results of the study.

I want to thank all of our public safety employees at both the Village Fire Department and Memorial Villages Police Department for their service during Hurricane Harvey. We are very proud of these loyal men and women and are working to support them in all areas.

I want to thank our residents for the generosity shown to these departments through the Memorial Villages Relief Fund. Bunker Hill is proud to have been able to assist those who suffered personally during the storm.

Thank you,

Mayor Jay Williams

Click Here for the October Newsletter from Chief Foster, Village Fire Department

Please click here  for information on the City's planning efforts to improve the Memorial/Gessner Intersection.

"Smart Cities Virtual Gate Study"

Crime Prevention Cameras to be Studied for the

Memorial Villages Police Department Jurisdiction

(Cities of Bunker Hill, Hunters Creek and Piney Point)


The Cities of Bunker Hill, Hunters Creek and Piney Point Villages shared information with residents on Tuesday, February 7 on a study to determine the opportunity to utilize cameras for crime prevention.  In addition, the Cities met in May to further discuss the project.  The City Councils provided direction to the Tri-Cities Public Safety Committee for further study.  A follow up meeting has not been set to date; however,  it is anticipated for late summer with another public meeting to follow in the fall.  For more information please click here to access a website created for the project.  

Thank You!


See information and newstory below:

Project Summary

Project Location Map